In combination with collagen

Colagen is very important for maintaining the strength of the skin and other tissues. They like to work side by side and their common work is, besides tightened skin, firm and nourished nails and the absence of corns.

It is also no coincidence that both of these proteins are produced in the same cells called fibroblasts. And the growth hormone produced during sleep takes care of replenishing the correct levels of both.


As the most important protein in the body, collagen is predominantly present in the dermis and plays an irreplaceable role. It can bind an incredible amount of water, preventing the skin from drying out and keeping it firm and taut. It also contributes to the proper function of the joints. Even collagen production decreases with increasing age. The skin slowly loses elasticity, suppleness and firmness, and wrinkles become more pronounced. However, this substance can also be supplemented with suitable products.


Elastin is a very important protein with the ability to expand and contract again. Its role is therefore to ensure the elasticity of the entire joint. It is found in the skin, but also in tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, lungs and the intestine. As we age, elastin decreases, making it harder and harder for our bodies to maintain the elasticity they had in childhood and youth. According to experts, about 1% of elastin is lost every year from the age of 25, with the downward trend accelerated by frequent exposure to UV rays, stress, unbalanced hormone levels and smoking. Wrinkles and thinning, paper-like skin are already visible signs of elastin deficiency. However, elastin can be supplemented with special products. Very effective is the regular use of Elastin N-Medical, which contains well absorbed, because hydrolysed elastin.